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The Women Behind The Fences

Summer 2020

The animals of Sunshine Farm Sanctuary are the focus of our organization, but we thought we'd introduce the women who keep the farm running!

Debby (right) is the matriarch of Sunshine Farm Sanctuary. She lives at the farmhouse closest to the sanctuary and cares for the animals daily. She has had a love for animals since she was a small girl, traveling along the Atlantic Coast with her family as her father was a rodeo trick-rider. She is the mom who let her 5 children bring home all kinds of pets and critters. Her favorite farm friend is Sebastian, our calm miniature horse.

Joan (left) is Debby's oldest daughter who lives in Pennsylvania. She has raised 4 children through Pennsylvania's 4-H program, gaining helpful experience with livestock and the farm animals we have here at the farm. She is also a business wizard who keeps our finances in order and makes sure we are always in line, business-wise. Her favorite animal at the farm is Gabe, the alpaca.

I'm Emily (center), Debby's daughter-in-law, and I live a country block from the farm with my husband and two small children. I take care of the newsletter writing and help with the animals every chance I'm here. Growing up in the woods, I have always loved animals and taking care of my pets. My favorite animal at the sanctuary is Cinnamon, our young miniature horse, who I'm trying to tame with lots of treats and sweet-talking.


What's New at the Farm

The chickens have a special place in Debby's heart! Above are some of the chickens in the sanctuary.

We did have 4 chickens pass away from natural causes over the winter, some as old as 9 years old! They had not been laying eggs, so we knew they were coming to the end of their lives. This is what our sanctuary is all about - having the animals live full and well cared - for lives until they pass. Thank you for helping us give them that.

Since losing some of our flock, we were able to take on 10 chicks and 2 turkeys chicks in March. We moved them to the open-air pens in late spring, which they are enjoying! We kept the 2 white turkeys in with the chicks and they think they are chickens too, even being twice the size. My children Mischa and Beau have been handling and feeding them so they are very friendly.

The rest of the animals are doing great! We are working on gently taming the girl horses, Sadie and Cinnamon. They are now eating out of our hands without biting but still are not sure about us humans brushing off their winter coats. Gabe was just sheared! This yearly haircut keeps him cool during the summer months. See his before & after pictures on our Facebook page @sunshinefarmsanctuaryinc and stay up to date with the animals and fun facts! We can't thank you enough for your generous support of Sunshine Farm Sanctuary from our first newsletter. We were able to feed our animals wonderfully over the winter!! This summer we will be focusing on building repairs as it has been 7 years since many of them have been built, over 2,500 days of the elements and goats ramming holes into corners so a lot of patching and painting are on the agenda! Please help us repair the animal shelters by donating!

We would also like to ask those who know us or knew our husband and father Bill, to consider becoming a sanctuary partner by joining the Animal Care Club! To join, simply toggle the box on our donate page that says, "Make this a monthly donation." By giving $15, $40, or $80 a month instead of a one-time yearly gift, it helps consistently provide feed and care for the animals. Visit our website to donate via PayPal or major credit card - click on the yellow donate button.

Donations can also mailed by check to us at:

Sunshine Farm Sanctuary

324 S Mannheim Ave

Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215

Animal Care Club Perks

  • We'll list your name in a special section on our website for all Animal Care Club members

  • You'll receive a monthly update email letter on the sanctuary

  • You'll receive a picture magnet of one of our animals every 6 months

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