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Holiday 2020 Newsletter

A year of care

While this year has been a wild ride for humans, the animals at Sunshine Farm Sanctuary have had an exciting year too, but in much better ways. Improvements have been made, much-needed items were able to be purchased, and new farm friends have joined the gang. As always, these were made possible with your help - THANK YOU!


Your Donations at work in 2020!

Nesting Boxes

Our chickens love their new nesting boxes. They were easy to install and are easy to clean so the hens and the humans are both happy.

Hoof Hero

We bought a grooming kit for filing and clipping hooves as Joan's daughter, Leila has taken over hoof trimming for our animals. She is doing a fantastic job keeping them groomed and healthy!

Painting the Farm Red

We freshened up the barns of several animals with a bright, clean red (like the red in our logo!). The brighter red is cheerful and adds extra weather-proofing so we can get more years out of their shelters.


Here is a before and after of a shed that was repaired this year with your donations!

(The goats had this pasture in the summer and the sheep got it for winter)


A New Goat!

This summer, we got a call from a family who needed help with their escape artist goat! She kept getting out of her pen, and with many other responsibilities, they were ready to move Midnight to where she could be well cared for and not escape. We had room for another female goat, and Midnight joined our herd.

She is a Lamancha goat, which are best known for their tiny ears and rich milk. Although we won't be milking her, she is the friendliest goat and we really enjoy her at the farm!


Help us achieve our 2021 goals

  • Grooming/bathing station with cross ties

  • Additional tools for grooming (teeth, hoof jack, brushes)

  • A roadside sign

  • Fence painting and repairs

We could not care for the animals without your help - THANK YOU for your support! It is easy to donate through our website via PayPal by clicking here.

All donations are tax-deductible

Want to join the Animal Care Club? It's easy!

Simply check the box on our donate page "Make this a monthly donation."

By giving your set amount every month, the animals are able to get consistent food and care! Visit our website to donate via PayPal or a major credit card -

Animal Care Club Perks

  • We'll list your name in a special section on our website

  • You'll receive monthly email updates on the animals

  • Every 6 months you'll receive a picture magnet of one of the animals on the farm!

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